Painting by Numbers: Only a Hobby? Our Vision at FineArtByNumbers

In the realm of art and creativity, we often come across the question: Is painting by numbers just a hobby? At FineArtByNumbers, our response encompasses our unwavering commitment to making art accessible and transformative for all. Here’s our perspective.

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1. A Foundational Belief: Art is Universal For us, art isn’t confined to galleries or celebrated artists; it’s a universal language. We hold the belief that art should be an open door to personal expression, creativity, and emotional exploration. Therefore, while painting by numbers can be seen as a hobby by many, we view it as a medium for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise.

2. Elevating the Experience: Innovative Integrations Today, we’re not just sticking to the conventional. We’re pushing boundaries by adding cutting-edge tools to our platform. With the introduction of the “HLC Colour Atlas XL – Cielab” and the “Real Paint Mixing Tools PRO”, we’re elevating the painting by numbers experience.

The “HLC Colour Atlas XL – Cielab” is more than just an expansive color atlas with over 13,000 swatches. It’s a doorway to digital, device-independent color descriptions, ensuring what you see and choose is precisely what you get.

Furthermore, the “Real Paint Mixing Tools PRO” goes beyond just color selection. By computing opaque paint recipes and being compatible with numerous commercial paint brands, it acts as a bridge between digital creativity and tangible art, ensuring your creations are vibrant and true to your vision.

3. Community-Centric Growth: We are proud of the active community surrounding the “Real Paint Mixing Tools PRO”. Their feedback and engagement don’t just improve the tool; they continuously shape and redefine our approach to art, ensuring we remain grounded and in tune with the needs of our users.

4. A Vision for the Future: By integrating these state-of-the-art tools, we’re not just offering a product; we’re pioneering a revolution in the art-by-numbers realm. Our aim is to blend precision, efficiency, and creative freedom, catering to both professional artists and those just embarking on their artistic journey.


So, is painting by numbers just a hobby? At FineArtByNumbers, we believe it’s a doorway to boundless creativity. With our continuous innovations and community-driven approach, we’re making sure this doorway is wide open for everyone. Dive into our diverse range of painting kits and embark on an artistic journey that promises precision, empowerment, and limitless possibilities.

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