A brief guide on how to use the RPaintPro mixing software.

  1. Download and Registration: Begin by downloading the RPaintPro app from the App Store. Install it on your device and register using your email. As a new user, enjoy a week’s free trial.
  2. Choosing a Paint Set: After launching the app, you’ll see an array of paint set options. These range from the Ideal Paint set to various commercial paint brands. The Ideal Set includes 8 colors, whereas some commercial sets offer over 60 colors. Choose the set that best fits your painting needs.
  3. Palette Setup: With your paint set selected, it’s time to establish your mixing palette. You can use up to 15 paint bases for each paint set. Mandatory is a white base, and you can add up to 14 other colors, including blacks, greys, and colored bases. Select these from the available paint bases within your chosen set.
  4. HLC Color Palettes: A unique feature of RPaintPro is the inclusion of the HLC Colour Atlas XL. This spectral data, received from Fine Art by Numbers Site in 2022 and converted to RGB @2deg, enriches the color conversion capabilities of the app. This means a wider range of colors and gradients can be achieved in your paint mixing, enhancing your creative possibilities and ensuring authentic color representation.
  5. Color Conversion: RPaintPro can read color coordinates from images, converting them into real opaque paint recipes or to other color spaces like Lab, Munsell, XYZ, etc. This lets you create your paint in the precise color you want. You’ll also get color names from selectable databases.
  6. Recipe Creation: Having chosen your colors, it’s time to generate your paint mixing recipes. The software will determine the optimal mixture to reach your desired color, conserving paint and time.
  7. Save and Share: Satisfied with your paint recipe? Save it for future use, and share it with others. This allows for collaboration and idea exchange.

Please note, the saturation “Auto Set” function isn’t available in RPaintPro due to the variable palette composition. If this feature is important to you, consider using the RealPaint app.

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Explore and enjoy the creative possibilities offered by RPaintPro. The small subscription fee is an investment against the potential cost of wasted paint. Happy painting!

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