🌟 Bringing the World Closer Through Color: A Revolution in Paint Mixing! 🎨

Dear artists, creatives, and color enthusiasts,

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We’ve embarked on a vibrant journey at HLC-ColourAtlas.org to create a universal language of color. With the renowned HLC-ColourAtlas XL Cielab as our guide, we’ve set out to ensure that every shade you envision can be mixed into reality. And now, we’ve taken a leap forward!

Introducing: Real Paint Mixing Tools Pro Version 1.25.3

✨ What’s New?

  • Mix with up to 15 paint bases for greater variety! (Tip: For a swifter mix, try selecting fewer bases.)
  • “HLC Color Atlas XL” now available for color naming.
  • Compatible with iOS 11.0 and above.

To all art paint manufacturers worldwide: Be a part of this game-changing initiative! By joining us, you have the unique opportunity to shape the future of color mixing and elevate the artistic experience for countless creators.

To our incredible community of followers and fellow artists: Your support is our backbone. If you share our passion for a limitless spectrum of colors, please help spread the word. Every like, share, and mention amplifies our mission!

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