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Users can upload their Color Palette images to the MXR without having to worry about aspect ratios or manual cropping.


We’re excited to introduce a host of new features and improvements to our Virtual Color Mixer (MXR). These additions were inspired by customer feedback and we hope the blender is now even more useful and fun for artists. As a gift to our customers, we are launching Mixer 1.1 with the following improvements and functions:

Color reduction is back!

This feature was taken offline while we were working on the updates, but now it’s back with a vengeance! Color mixtures can now be reduced to a single color at the push of a button. What’s even more exciting is that you can now reset your reduction back to the original mix! Just click “undo reductions” for each step you want to go back!

Chromatic color sequence

Swatches are now sorted by hue (yellow, red, blue, green, brown, and neutral) and displayed in chromatic order so you can easily find your favorite color.

Abbreviations for color names

The abbreviations for each color are now right on the color swatch, making it easier to see which color you are choosing.

Color palettes with individual pigments and color sets

One of the available “palettes” has been added that only consists of monopigment colors (colors with only one type of pigment). Be on the lookout for other useful color palettes to be added in the future.

Image upload is back!

Users can re-upload their images to the MXR without having to worry about aspect ratios or manual cropping.

Volume-to-weight conversion

Until recently, mixtures were only given in terms of volume ratios. We’re happy to expand this with automatic volume to weight conversion for each mix! The exact mixing ratios are calculated in real time and displayed under the “Target” button. The weight ratios can be for grams, ounces, or any unit of weight.

Despite careful preparation and multiple checks, it is possible that errors may occur in the present product. No liability is assumed for consequences resulting from the application.

Go to and give it a try!

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