Basically, opaque and dried (!) color surfaces are always assumed, i.e. color shifts caused by the painting surface or auxiliary materials (such as brighteners) are not taken into account. To get an impression of how the paint looks as a thin layer, the maximum layer thickness can be selected with the 0.01mm, 0.05mm and 0.2mm buttons. The color is then displayed in a gradient from the far left with a layer thickness of 0mm to the far right to the maximum selected layer thickness. This gives you a good impression of how the run-out of a brushstroke, or a strongly thinned color will look.
The background can be white, black, or colored. For a colored background, you must first set another color as the background using the corresponding button.

Another implementation of the HLC Color Atlas comes from the physicist and artist Dr. Ulrich Backes. He has put a recipe database for 1225 colors of the HLC Color Atlas online. In the web application, the proportions of the basic colors can be varied individually for a basic recipe and the color result is simulated on the monitor. The mixing system is based on the Sirius® Primary Acrylic System from Lascaux. We see this development as an important step towards the formulation of any CIELAB and RGB color tones.

Mixing acrylic paints based on the HLC Color Atlas and Sirius® Primary Acrylic System Lascaux Sirius Primary System is a collection of five primary colours (magenta, red, yellow, cyan, ultramarine) plus black and white that let you mix more than 78,000 hues. The five primary colours are balanced in such a way that they produce luminous, clear and lively colours. The purity of the Sirius colours is retained even when lightened with Sirius White or when darkened with the neutral Sirius Black. As a result, more than 78,000 diverse and harmonic hues can be created, and the purity and the chroma of the colours always remain intact. This is especially noticeable when mixing subtle earth and pastel hues. The neutral Sirius black has been mixed by Lascaux using the 5 primary colours.


Sirius® Primary Acrylic System from Lascaux

The highly concentrated, bright and pure Sirius colors contain the entire color spectrum. With the 5 primary colors (magenta, red, yellow, cyan and ultramarine), over 78,000 harmonious hues can be mixed in the simplest way, whereby the purity and saturation (chroma) of the colors are always preserved. The deep neutral black is mixed in equal parts from the five primary colors. An additional Sirius white rounds off the system. High-quality pigments and binders as well as the precise coordination and harmonization of the color tones form the material basis of this color system, which has been patented by the European Patent Office. Assortment: 7 colors in 85 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml bottles. The product properties at a glance: Complete range of colors with only 5 basic tones, highly concentrated and pure, smooth consistency, dries deeply matt and waterproof.

Despite careful preparation and multiple checks, it is possible that errors may occur in the present product. No liability is assumed for consequences resulting from the application.